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Opening the Vault

We all take an interest in medical breakthrough stories shared in the media.


They offer us comfort and the hope that the years of work undertaken in laboratories by highly qualified and dedicated scientists will lead to discoveries that improve our lives and those of our family and friends around the world.


  • Have you ever wondered what actually goes on inside Melbourne’s universities, research institutes and hospitals?
  • What are those white-coated people working on?
  • Do they all even wear white coats?
  • Why is their particular piece of the puzzle important?


The Convergence Science Network’s Opening the Vault series offers a rare opportunity to explore this world and hear about the exciting things that are happening when you bring biomedical researchers, engineers and physical scientists together.


Meet the people who are leading the new way of thinking about health and medicine.  Learn about the challenges they are solving and how their approach is making a difference.  Hear about the new types of laboratories and research approaches that will underpin many of the advances that will be reported in the media in coming years.


Join us in Opening the Vault!


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About the Convergence Forum

The Convergence Science Network will announce a series of events in early 2015.  Our program will include presentations from science thought leaders and practitioners, events where we explore topical issues in more depth and we¹ll be presenting some of our brightest scientists who will share their exciting work in convergence science.

Convergence Science Symposium

The Convergence Science Network is an initiative that promotes an understanding of convergence science to the community, why it is important and how it is helping researchers and businesses realise their visions in delivering improved health and well-being.

Graeme Clark Oration

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The Graeme Clark Oration is delivered by global leaders in science in honour of Prof. Graeme Clark’s pioneering work in developing the bionic ear in Melbourne in the 1970’s.  It is recognised as Australia’s most prestigious free public science event and is attended by secondary school students.

The Convergence Science Network is excited about its networking activities and is inviting organisations to join this unique science communication and engagement initiative.

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We Engage with the community to share developments in convergence science and how these advances impact medicine and health care.

We Inspire the research community, start-ups, existing businesses,  government agencies and schools to take advantage of the opportunities offered by convergence science.

We Create the environment and opportunities for new ideas, knowledge and resources across different science disciplines to come together to improve health.