Promoting an understanding of convergence science to the community.


What is convergence?

The interplay of the life and physical sciences, engineering and computing

promises significant innovation and better health outcomes for societies. Think brain implants,

bionic eyes, genetic sequencing, 3D printing, imaging at the cellular scale and organs-on- a-chip and you can see why convergence is revolutionising biomedical research and the future of healthcare. On a daily basis, there is news about the many advances coming out of research labs. How does the public make sense of these advances when much of the reporting is uncritically promotional and celebratory?


Since 2008, the Convergence Science Network has taken a leadership role in Victoria and Australia in promoting a public understanding of convergence science and its importance. We invite research scientists to share their ideas and research findings so that the community is able make sense of the rapid advances taking place in Australia and overseas, and for it to continue to have confidence and trust in science.


The Convergence Science Network is an initiative supported by leaders in science research and recognised innovation companies as well as pre-eminent academics and industry leaders.


We Engage with the community to share developments in convergence science and how these advances impact medicine and health care.   We Inspire the research community, start-ups, existing businesses,  government agencies and schools to take advantage of the opportunities offered by convergence science.   We Create the environment and opportunities for new ideas, knowledge and resources across different science disciplines to come together to improve health.


Our programs include presentations from science thought leaders and practitioners, events where we explore topical issues in more depth and we'll be presenting some of our brightest scientists who will share their exciting work in convergence science.

Convergence Science Network

Building 261

The University of Melbourne

203 Bouverie Street

Carlton Victoria 3053

T: +61 3 8344 8405